Monday, November 24, 2008

Seddiki , musician, poet and songwriter

Sidi Seddiki , musician, poet and songwriter, was born in Rabat, Morocco , in 1961, into a family that was steeped in the tradition of islam. Seddiki was already composing his own songs at the age of eleven, and was soon to show great ability as a percussionist, and player of stringed instruments. While attending the Lycee Hassan the 2nd, Seddiki was active and known as a musician in Rabat, Morocco's capital city. His forefathers, Imams wo were experts at the recital of the Holy Coran, might have frowned at some of his musical activities, but Sidi Seddiki, whose name signifies a tree with deep roots, has always respected his spiritual lineage at the same time as he has explored secular cultures.

Aged 17, Sidi Seddiki came to London with his family and living in Ladbroke Grove in the 1980s, he was exposed to diverse musical influences: rock, reggae, funk and Arab musics were all there. Seddiki spent a while at Ayleston High School , Kilburn; there he studied guitar, acquainting himself with Western musical conventions, and was soon forming bands, playing in Arab Clubs and weddings, giving concerts and establishing a reputation as a high energy performer and prolific writer. Tom Priestly , the film director, had met Seddiki, recognized his talent, and helped him get some of the music down on tape. In 1988, a BBC World Service session followed, Globe Style were quick the uptake and soon commissioned these recordings.

The songs selected cover the age-old themes of pure love, religion and politics.


Seddiki Sidi Tawfik

Charlie Hart

Aziz Ben Salem

Dawson Benhassine-Miller

Chris Batchelor

Frank Mead

Zohra El-Harrack

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