Friday, January 25, 2008

The Burda by Al-Busiri

The Burda by al-Busiri is arguably the greatest classic poem in the Arabic language in praise of the character and exalted rank of the prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) composed by Imam al-Busiri in the 13th century CE in Mamluke Egypt it has been recited ever since throughout Muslim lands from east to west and north to south, and has always been perceived as containing real benefits, blessings and miracles.

The Fez Singers
THE FEZ SINGERS perform in this production the entire Burda. The main poem is intertwined with extracts from the Hamziyya, al-Busiri's other great poem, and other famous qasidas. This is possibly the first time such a recoding has been accomplished in thes Andalusian style.

Bennis Muhammad, who is the director, and his brother Abdelfettah, who feature prominently in these recordings, and who form the core of the group, are well known singers in Morocco and perform regulary for the King. Bennis Muhammad also runs a medrassah in the heart of Fez where the fine art of Andalusi singing is taught to classes of children and adults as it has been for centuries.

Many people in Morocco know the Burda and all the different ways of singing it. But the Fez singers bring to it an intensity and level of technical and artistic intricacy which displays it at its finest and with their annual performances at the Fez Sacred Musc festival they are rapidly establishing for themselves a world-wide reputation.

Listen to The Burda by al-Busiri

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