Friday, January 25, 2008

Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi

A musician and a Sufi master, Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi is one of the last group leaders – “moqaddem” – of the Hamadcha brotherhood. He is unquestionably the most famous moqaddem, valued for his erudition and his great musical skills.
He was born in 1967 in Fez. When he was a child, he joined the brotherhood in a group that was at that time led by his father. He was trained as a musician and became leader of the group in 1985. He is concerned about the preservation of the Hamadcha’s heritage, which is endangered by the modernization of Morocco, and devotes a large amount of his time to training children.
His group regularly performs in traditional music
festivals, in Morocco and abroad.


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